A Journey to Minimalism – A Slight Detour.

Day Three is here! After confronting myself yesterday I’m ready to look beyond the ~deep stuff~ and start putting mys plan into action. For those who’ve just got here, welcome, I’m following the Minimalists 21 Day Journey, but it seems here that I might have to deviate slightly from the course they have laid out. For Day Three they suggest having a “Packing Party”. I’m supposed to be boxing up all my stuff, covering it over with sheets, the idea being that when I need to use it I’ll have to unpack it, thereby realising its importance or necessity within my life. Unfortunately, my current circumstances do not allow quite such dramatic action. I am at home, with my family, and don’t believe my mother and others would take kindly to having to unpack/uncover/dismantle the house in search for things.

However, I’m not ready to let this stop me! I have a solution. It is not quite as impressive or climactic as the one suggested by the Minimalists, but it will have to do for now (or at least until I move back to uni and can put my plans into action). If I can’t pack my stuff up, I’ll just have to measure what I’m using with a different method. The mountain won’t come to me so… It’s time to get meticulous. It’s time to keep a record. It’s time. To get a notebook. My solution – fastidious as it may sound – is that I’ll have to tally and note down, in detail, what I’m using as I go through the coming days.

It sounds ridiculous. It is ridiculous. And it will probably be incredibly frustrating. But I’m hoping that by keeping a record of what I’m actually using, when it comes to packing for uni I can just put those things into a box and discard the rest (probably using their trash, sell, donate suggestion). Of course, here, motivation is key. So is remembering to keep up this tally. I have enlisted the help of a trusty huge notepad, pen and lanyard to carry around with me at all times to note these things down. It should do the trick, and hold me accountable. That was not a pun.

Writing that, I do realise just how insane I sound. I can’t lie – the image of me, notepad around neck, pen in hand collecting every detail of what I’m using throughout the day is absurd. Who knows, it might become the next great minimalist fashion statement. But it’s only for the next few days – besides, it’s a fun project! And, on a more metaphorical level, maybe the burden of carrying this huge (and fantastically floral) notepad might just be a handy physical reminder of what I want to rid myself of. The yoke I carry. If you really think about it, it’s no more ridiculous than clearing out a house to move out when you have no intention of leaving.

Just in case you cannot read my special handwriting, I’ve opted for the motivational statement “There is no reward in procrastination”. This should hopefully keep me going over the next few days, especially when lugging this thing around gets to me. Pen included to show the scale, this is not a small notepad!

Of course I could have opted for the sleeker option of, perhaps, noting things down in my phone or simply trying to remember what I use throughout the day. But I think, for me at least, there is something in the physical act ofย taking note that will maintain my motivation in the project. Hopefully it will also make me act more responsibly, after all there’s a certain degree of effort and annoyance that will come with this project, maybe it will make me think twice before I do something unnecessary. Plus, maybe I get to do something super sexy and symbolic at the end like, I don’t know, burn the notepad. Ooh, excited now, are we not?

Over the coming days I also aim, as a final act of penance, to start including the Minimalist’s other scheme into my life. They have a so-calledย 30 Day Game. It’s kind of like the 12 days of Christmas. On day one, you get rid of one thing – it can be anything, day two you get rid of 2, day 3, 3 etc. etc. all the way to day 30. It starts small and easy and eventually gets quite challenging. Quick sum – that adds up to 465 items got rid of in one month. But it’s only my first day of this second challenge. So I’m off to go seek my first item to sacrifice to the gods of Minimalism. I’m feeling quite excited about what’s around the corner, let’s see where this goes!


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