muRight, deep breath, never done this before. I am The Brain. I feel a little conspicuous at the pomposity of the name, but really, you’ll soon see that it far from suits. Point is, I feel I’ve always wanted to have a rant and rave about the things I love to literally anyone who’ll listen, and where better to start than the internet? I mean, there’s got to be something in all of the hours I spent watching ridiculous films and reading. Otherwise I know I’ll just forget about them. So yeah, mainly the point is that I want to leave a mark as to what I’ve engaged with media-wise and possibly as a pointer too for others who may be interested. What am I saying?

Fundamentally, I’ll be reviewing anything that takes my fancy. Chances are, it’s not going to be current, so if you’re looking for an up-to-date film/book/telly show/music reviewer, that won’t be me. For a start I have to have watched things at least three times before I remember anything about them, let alone before I can form an opinion! So yes. If you’re interested, read on… And if not, I seriously won’t be offended – I probably won’t even realise given how god-awful I am at using this blog.

Oh, and if you ever get bored, pop over to my other blog, Haiku Badger… And then come right back!

Brains Unite.


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