Hello and welcome, feel free to have a look around! My name is Izzi, I am a student based in the UK with a passion for food, film, writing and discovering more about this wonderful planet we live in. In writing this blog, I hope to find a solution to a problem that has troubled me for too long – how to find true happiness. I firmly believe we are all capable of being happy, but it requires making a series of small changes and keeping an open mind – in other words we must seek our own happiness. This is my journey – the path to contentment may be full of twists and turns and may bring home some surprising truths, but I hope to find joy along the way.

I believe that good, nutritious food can form the framework to a successful day. We are all caught up in our lives, moving fast, being efficient that we often forget to feed ourselves well. It can be so tricky to find food that’s low in refined sugar and filled with what we need – the good fats, the protein. Oh and the chemicals! They’re just impossible to escape. So where best to start than with a handful of quick, easy wholesome recipes which have the added bonus of not doing too much harm to the planet! I don’t want to be preachy, just catalogue my new ideas as I go along: my gift to you. Fresh food, fresh ideas and fresh things to fall in love with – that’s my ethos!

Please join me as I attempt to explore my principles and experiment with new things. I’ll be looking into as many things as possible, with the aim of nourishing body and soul, while doing good for the planet.  If I learn something from it, it will probably be covered here – it might appear to be a hotch-potch of randomness in the beginning, but I’m hoping it will make sense in the end. I will cover my lifestyle changes, create recipes, review the odd thing that takes my fancy and find inspiration, old and new. In short, I want to squeeze as much from life as possible and hope my subsequent ramblings will bring as much joy to others as they do for me. Like, comment and share – I would feel so privileged to have others involved.

Also – check out my other blog YarnFox for more reviews/rambling (whichever way you see it!)


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