We have a loaf! (Apple-Blueb breakfast crumble)

Well, Demi has pulled it out of the bag and we now have a fully formed loaf. It doesn't look much like the picture in the book, it has to be said, but I wasn't expecting it to - all I can say is that I'm very proud. Tapping the crust makes a resonating sound … Continue reading We have a loaf! (Apple-Blueb breakfast crumble)


Banana Peanut Porridge

This is such a superb breakfast combo - it has everything you could possibly need to start the day. If you haven't had time to freeze your bananas for nice creamΒ or if the day is looking a bit grey and needs a perk up, this is the breakfast for you. Packed with protein and healthy … Continue reading Banana Peanut Porridge

Banana Nice Cream Breakfast Bar

This recipe was a huge break-through for me on the journey of exploring veganism. I am not currently vegan, but I am working my way up to it - I am in the foot-hills and looking up the mountain so to speak. Of course, one major question I had before starting out was - 'But … Continue reading Banana Nice Cream Breakfast Bar

Random Muesli with Seasonal Fruits

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason. But, if you are like me and have to rush around in the mornings, it's important to be able to prepare in advance. This perfect little jar of muesli is ideal for busy people and can be adapted to include whichever … Continue reading Random Muesli with Seasonal Fruits